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Professional Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Firm Commends CFR
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"I can't imagine any truck-mount carpet specialist without a CFR Pro-500 unit as a part of their cleaning arsenal. This extractor goes where large truck-mounts won't go, such as residential condos in high-rise buildings. The Pro-500 dramatically reduces dumps and refills through its recycling and moisture-controlled cleaning process, plus deep-cleans like a truck-mount while reducing water and chemical consumption and delivering excellent water recovery."

Bill Coulter Zimp Carpet Cleaning, Seattle, Washington

The CFR Pro-500 Gains Respect from a Truck Mount Contract Cleaner

Many professional truck mount carpet cleaners consider “portable” extractors the tools of amateur carpet cleaners or in-house cleaning departments. Appreciative that they have invested heavily in trucks, and large, expensive equipment, which can even include units with a power take off (PTO) system driven by the truck engine, it’s understandable why many of them share that view. Bottom-line, truck mount carpet cleaners can be a tough crowd to please, and it takes a true professional quality and high-performance portable extractor to win their respect.

Zimp Carpet Cleaning in Seattle, Washington, is one of the premier truck mount carpet cleaning firms in the area. The majority of their business comes from high-rise condo and apartment buildings in downtown Seattle, generated from referrals, social media sites, and online urban city referral guides like YELP. In fact, Zimp enjoys a 4.5 Star Rating (out of 5) on YELP. Dependent upon referrals and on-line recommendations, Zimp works very hard to protect their reputation by ensuring the carpet is spotless and their customers completely satisfied with the results. Adding to their truck mount fleet, Zimp has purchased a new, compact, Ford Transit Connect van, equipping it with a CFR Pro-500.

Accepting New Business with New Equipment from CFR

Whenever they have a high-rise job on the 4th floor or above, or simply can’t get their larger truck mount units close enough to the building, they dispatch the Ford Transit van with the CFR PRO-500. Indicating that the van is easy to park in urban city centers, they unload the PRO-500, making one trip up thanks to the design of the unit, which holds the wand, allows them to wrap the hose on one handle, and a bucket with cleaner and spotter on the other handle.

Even better, once on the job, the unique features of the PRO-500 allows Zimp to deliver truck mount results, fast dry times, and they can do the average downtown apartment or condo on a single tank fill, thanks to CFR recycling! With a CFR PRO-500 they can do jobs they would otherwise have to turn down, but take them knowing they’ll deliver the cleaning results necessary to maintain happy and satisfied clients.

Learn More About the Pro-500

  • 13 gallon unit
  • 500 p.s.i
  • Perfect Pro-500 with Perfect Heat™ increasing cleaning efficiency and extending the lifecycle of your carpets.
  • Pro-500 is also available with a built in Ozone generator