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CFR is major contributor to this JanSan's growth
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“CFR is an excellent choice to add to our carpet care equipment product offering, and will be a major contributor to our future growth.”

John Kranzberg Sales Consultant, Royal Papers Inc.

Bringing CFR's New Recycling Technology to the Midwest

Royal Papers was founded in 1948 as a distributor of disposable paper products servicing the metro St. Louis food service and janitorial markets. Today, Royal has grown from a small, local company with 25 employees and 3 delivery trucks to a major player in the janitorial industry generating over $40 million in annual revenue. The company’s primary service area is substantial, stretching over parts of four states, including Missouri, Southern Illinois, Kansas, and Arkansas. Royal Papers now boasts over 140 employees, including 35 sales people, has a fleet of 20 delivery trucks, and was even recently honored with an award as one of the top businesses in the City of St. Louis.

John Kranzberg, Royal Papers Sales Consultant, has found great success in the equipment business. He brings over 35 years of JanSan expertise to the table. Kranzberg has considerable experience working with various equipment manufacturers, and has seen lots of different products, winners and losers, come and go. According to Doug Berjer, CFR Brand Manager, Royal couldn’t have found a better person for the job. “I’ve worked with Kranzberg over the years, and when it comes to marketing and selling commercial cleaning equipment, he is one of the best in the industry.” Berjer adds that Kranzberg’s genuine enthusiasm for CFR’s innovative technology makes him a particularly effective salesman.

“We believe that CFR will be a winner for Royal, and a major contributor to our business growth due to its innovative recycling and moisture-controlled technology. The high water recovery due to the moisture controlled technology enhances end-user safety because of the faster drying time which greatly reduces slip and fall incidents when moving from carpet to hard surfaces. The CFR product capability to deep-clean carpets helps reduce costs and environmental waste,” notes Kranzberg.

According to Kranzberg, CFR is uniquely qualified to address the carpet care challenges of Royal’s customers.As he explains, “CFR extractors appeal to many types of end-users. For example, a local retirement complex recently contacted me to review their facility cleaning budget in an effort to cut expenses, as many businesses are doing. One of the areas reviewed was their carpet cleaning costs. This facility has approximately four main buildings, along with several outlying cottages, housing more than 500 apartments. They were contracting out their carpet cleaning, and spending a considerable amount of money to do so. In consultation with the account, we ended up selecting a CFR Pro-500 with an Ozone Generator to deep clean and neutralize carpet odors, and were able to bring their carpet cleaning in-house.”

CFR's Pro-500 Accumulates $8,000 in Four Months

Kranzberg recently followed up with the facility’s chief engineer, who shared that they were achieving a substantially better and more consistent carpet appearance after putting the CFR Pro-500 extractor into use. Not only that, the facility is now able to react quicker to carpet issues noted by residents. Kranzberg adds,

“Facility management was especially pleased with what they were experiencing in carpet care cost savings, which they estimate to be over $8,000 in four months. That savings included the cost of the equipment, as well as chemicals and labor.”

Customers look to distributors as trusted advisors who can recommend ways to reduce cleaning budgets and labor costs through the use of innovative equipment. “CFR equipment tackles areas that a truck-mount can’t, plus it deep-cleans carpet while recycling the solution to reduce water and chemical waste,” says Kranzberg. “Additionally, CFR’s moisture-controlled technology allows areas to be reopened much faster than other methods, which is a huge advantage.”

While reducing end-user costs is obviously a primary concern, green cleaning is also an important factor for Kranzberg’s customers—and here again, CFR extractors fit the bill. “There is no doubt that there has been a tremendous shift in customers’ needs, as well as an ever increasing awareness of green and sustainable cleaning processes and products,” continues Kranzberg. “If you think about it, many facilities now have staff that have only known and used green products. There is no turning back the clock, and I simply can’t imagine anyone selling cleaning products today that hopes to remain relevant in their market without bringing solutions like CFR to their customers.”

About the Pro 500

The Pro-500 13 gallon, 500 p.s.i, upright extractors top the industry in productivity. Used for a multitude of cleaning applications, one machine does it all. Our unique recycling technology virtually eliminates dump and refill down-time you normally experience with traditional extractors. Solution lasts up to 7 times longer, which means you get every job done faster.