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Case Studies

CFR provides cleaning solutions in a wide variety of applications and facilities. See what some of our customers are saying about the benefits of CFR technology in their specific industries.

Luxury Jet Rental

When you’re a private jet company offering on-demand air charters and other services to discriminating clientele, your clients expect the utmost in convenience and luxury. So you run your operation with care and precision... Read More.

Corporate Sustainability Programs

Almost 3,000 of the world's largest companies took part in the most recent Corporate Sustainability Assessment. DJSI World ranks sustainability-driven companies based on environmental, social and governance factors. Read More.

Retail Store Embracing Green

For this retailer, sustainability was built into its values from the beginning, so it was natural that environmentally sensitive thinking and “green goals” would extend into the maintenance and cleaning of its stores. Read More.

Busy Midwestern Hotel

A five-year-old hotel in a busy Midwestern city has it all: more than 200 rooms in a historic building with close proximity to theaters, museums and a convention facility. Being located among such heavy was a significant challenge for carpet care. Read More.

Zimp Carpet Cleaning

Truck-mount carpet cleaners can be a tough crowd to please. Read about how the CFR Pro-500, a professional quality and high-performance portable extractor, won the respect of a Seattle based contract cleaning company. Read More.

Mohegan Sun

350,000 sq. ft. of gaming space, 1,200 luxury rooms, 22,000 sq. ft. of spa, 130,000 sq. ft. of retail space and 100,000 sq. ft of other functioning area all loyal to CFR! What once took almost a full work week, is done in a day for this hotel and casino. Read More.

Auto Dealership

After one product demonstration, Hyundai Motors had to purchase a CFR ECO 500 recycling extractor. Now it's their preferred choice to clean every vehicle on the lot! Learn about the positive impact CFR had on one Hawaii based dealership. Read More.

Royal Papers Inc.

With $40 million dollars in annual revenue, and customers spread throughout multiple states, this JanSan distributer needed an extractor that could keep up with their rapid growth. In just four months CFR's Pro-500 far exceeds expectations. Read More.

Pacific Aquarium

This aquarium's difficult cleaning challenge was easily met by CFR's Cascade 20. This aquarium struggled for some time to find a product that can clean, dry and keep up with substantial foot traffic, all within two hours. Read More.

Pro-500 is Changing Minds

The impact of quality carpet extractors goes deeper than we thought. For BSCs, saving on chemicals and labor means winning more accounts. Here are a few reasons to test CFR before you buy your next piece of equipment. Read More.

Midwest University

It's vital that we work to keep our educational facilities clean. For this Big Ten campus, being located in a harsh weather climate with 45,000 students, it's easier said then done. Or is it? Find out why this college has stayed loyal to CFR! Read More.

Renowned Art Museum

Like so many other facilities, this Museum is challenged by a small window of time for staff to clean before opening. After trying a number of different solutions, and watching as each one failed, they eventually found solace in CFR. Read More.

Midwest Science Center

As a top five science center in the nation, facility cleanliness is of the upmost importance. Not only did the CFR Pro Series instantly wow their staff, they immediately scheduled demonstrations to preview other available products. Read More.

Seattle Based BSC on the Pro-500

"I can't imagine any truck-mount carpet specialist without a CFR Pro-500 unit as a part of their cleaning arsenal. This extractor goes where large truck-mounts won't go, such as residential condos in high-rise buildings. The Pro-500 dramatically reduces dumps and refills through its recycling and moisture-controlled cleaning process, plus deep-cleans like a truck-mount while reducing water and chemical consumption and delivering excellent water recovery."


Luxury Hotel & Casino on CFR

"We have never used any equipment for carpet cleaning or otherwise, that has the quality and durability of the CFR carpet machines. My guys love using them...they stay out on the carpets a lot longer now and they are able to get done much larger sections of the Casino floor. We are now doing in one shift what used to take 3 and 4 nights of work. And the carpet has never been cleaner."


Automotive Dealer on the ECO 500

“CFR’s Ozone Generator FLAT OUT WORKS!” proclaims Furtado. “We use the ECO 500 and the Ozone Generator with nearly every car and truck on the lot. It has been absolutely fabulous! And yes…it takes out even the worst, most overpowering smells.”