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Extractors that Recycle Water and Solution to Protect Resources
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Designed for Productivity and Sustainability

Less Labor. Less Dumps and Refills. Less Water Waste.


Dramatically increase productivity, and enjoy some of the fastest drying times in the industry.


Experience pioneering and innovative, moisture-control technology that helps you achieve cleaner, drier carpets and healthier interiors.


Water and chemical consumption is dramatically reduced to 1/7th of the amount consumed by non-recycling extractors.

What Makes CFR Technology Faster?

Innovative Cleaning Technology

Thanks to patented technology, tank to tank, CFR Cleaning Systems top the industry in cleaning productivity, far surpassing what is possible with traditional extractors. With solution lasting up to seven times longer, constant tank dumps and refills are a thing of the past, allowing you to get the job done faster.

CFR Cleaning Systems also recover up to 50% more solution that traditional extractors, translating into faster drying times. Industry leading productivity, faster drying times, chemical conservation…..CFR allows you to do more with less!

Why is CFR Technology Cleaner?

Moisture-Controlled Wand Technology

CFR incorporates moisture-controlled atomization technology within the extraction wand and hand-tools to provide another way to control and minimize water that comes in contact with the carpet. A Rapid Recovery Atomization process occurring within the wand recovers up to 50% more than traditional extraction tools, cleaning and recovering solution all in one step to ensure that moisture never rests on the carpet or backing. The atomized, high-speed cleaning solution works as an agitator, deep-cleaning the fibers without damaging the carpet, leaving carpets and backing far less saturated so they can dry quickly.

Traditional carpet extractors can leave behind excessive moisture during the extraction process that generates mold and mildew, damages carpet, and takes longer to dry. With CFR's moisture-controlled technology, you reduce health and safety issues and the development of mold, bacteria and allergens in carpets to provide improved indoor air quality and less complications from allergy and asthma for building occupants.

Why is CFR A Greener Alternative?

Environmentally Preferred Cleaning

CFR’s revolutionary carpet extractors are environmentally superior and socially responsible. With CFR’s innovative recycling, moisture-controlled extractors you’ll:

  • Eliminate the environmental impact of high-volume chemical and water usage by as much as 85%, achieved through CFR’s revolutionary four-stage recycling filtration;
  • Reduce the impact of harsh chemicals with the use of CFR’s specially patented, Enviro-Chemical line formulated exclusively for CFR’s extractors;
  • Recover up to 50% more cleaning solution than traditional extractor tools and wands for drier carpets;
  • Diminish health issues and the development of mold, bacteria and allergens in carpets through the moisture-controlled wand and tool atomization process, resulting in healthier indoor air quality and drier, safer floors.
  • Minimize waste-water being dumped into sanitary sewers.
  • Decrease transportation and storage related activities due to the reduction of chemical and water usage.

The Benefits of CFR

What Makes Our CFR Technology Unique?

Four-Level Filtration

Solution travels through the carpet, back into the patented vacuum shoe and then through a four-level recycling filtration process to trap heavy and fine debris.


The wand recovers up to 50% more than most traditional extraction tools.

Truly Green Chemicals

CFR chemicals are truly environmentally preferred and all are DfE recognized.

Less Water Waste.

CFR offers real water savings compared to traditional extractors, using about 20 gallons of water versus 140 gallons, for every 15,000 sq. feet cleaned.

Socially Responsible Cleaning

CFR provides substantial water savings and a safer, DfE recognized, chemical alternative.

Less Dumps and Refills.

With labor costs being the greatest expense, CFR delivers savings through less dumping and refilling of tanks.

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