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Big Ten Conference School Relies on CFR Extractors
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Relying on CFR to Handle Heavy, Winter Foot Traffic

Located in the Midwest, with more than 45,000 students, this public research college has one of the largest student bodies in the United States. While a public institution, this well-known university enjoys a reputation as a “Public Ivy League” school, ranked among the top research universities in the country.

Keep in mind that not only are they dealing with one of the largest student populations in the country, they are doing so in a harsh winter environment at times. This large metropolis has its share of snow, often approaching blizzard conditions. While you might not think so, they can also have spells of surprisingly humid weather in the summer. The climate and extremely heavy foot traffic through campus buildings presents a carpet cleaning challenge that most facility managers around the country can’t even begin to imagine.

Facing their carpet cleaning challenges head‐on each day, the institution has used and embraced CFR for many years. As a testament to how well CFR performs, the school has recently added to their CFR fleet with an ECO 500 for the Campus Housing Department and two ECO 500s for General Facilities.