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“The CFR Cascade 20 is very helpful in productivity, because our cleaning technicians stay at the job longer. The more you keep the machine running without anybody having to stop, it means greater productivity. That’s just common sense.”

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Faster, More Effective Carpet Extractor Gives Hotel a Good Cleaning

A five-year-old hotel in a busy Midwestern city has it all: more than 200 rooms in a historic building with close proximity to theaters, museums and a convention facility. Being located among such heavy activity creates a significant challenge for carpet care, as guest foot traffic inside the hotel peaks at 600 people a day.

This independently owned hotel is overseen by a larger hotel chain, so the regional operations support specialist in charge of maintaining it is also in charge of a couple dozen hotels in various states. His main challenge at this particular location is maintaining the carpeting, and his goal is to extend the life of it — while cleaning it as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

When an upcoming inspection was announced, this manager considered upgrading from a small model carpet extractor to a larger unit. Working with a local jan/san distributor, the manager rented a CFR Cascade 20, the largest model manufactured by Fort- Worth, Texas-based CFR. CFR designs and manufactures a range of eco-friendly carpet cleaning systems and high performance specialty tools.

“We wanted to achieve a high QA report around 96%, like we always do,” said the manager. “We wanted to have the bigger gallon capacity and usage, so we could fly through the hallways. They needed a good cleaning.”

Once he tried out the Cascade 20, he bought it. In addition to the unit’s speed, the higher productivity of the new CFR machine cut labor costs in other ways. The Cascade 20 delivers time savings through less dumping and refilling of tanks. The cleaning solution travels through the carpet, back into the patented vacuum shoe and then through a four-level recycling filtration process to trap heavy and fine debris.

“The savings in our staff time is the big thing, because the tanks don’t have to be dumped and refilled as often,” the manager said. “The CFR Cascade 20 is very helpful in productivity, because our cleaning technicians stay at the job longer. The more you keep the machine running without anybody having to stop, it means greater productivity. That’s just common sense.”

The Cleaning Staff Fell in Love with the Cascade 20

According to a 2015 survey conducted by Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine, 58% of facility cleaning managers say savings in time and labor is most important when choosing new floor care equipment. Seventy-nine percent said product performance, quality and durability is most important. And the CFR Cascade 20 performs. “The way it could get through the hallways was amazing,” the manager said.

CFR’s equipment gets a lot of love. This manager cites another important attribute of the new machine: His hotel staff also just enjoys its larger size. “Anytime you can get something bigger, your people are going to like it,” he said. “Our technician is in heaven with it. He loves this new machine.”

Because CFR’s carpet extractors use patented technology that is radically different from other cleaning systems, they also deliver other advantages. In addition to time savings and increased productivity, other advantages include decreases in the amount of chemicals and water used, a drier cleaning process overall, and quieter operation.

The manager said he is pleased with the CFR chemicals and the results he is getting. “We’re a Silver LEED Certified building, so we always want to use a green solution,” he said. The high-speed cleaning solution lasts up to seven times longer than competitors’ solutions, deep-cleaning the fibers without damaging the carpet.

The extractor itself recovers up to 50% more cleaning solution and water than many traditional extractor tools and wands. CFR machines use less water overall, avoiding damage and allowing faster drying.

CFR incorporates moisture-controlled atomization technology within the extraction wand and hand tools to minimize water that comes in contact with the carpet. The process uses about 20 gallons of water versus 140 gallons for every 15,000 square feet of carpet cleaned. In addition to conserving water, which is an increasingly important environmental goal, the reduction in moisture extends the life of the carpet.

The Cascade 20: Faster, Cleaner, Greener

At the Midwestern hotel, about half of the location’s 206,000 square feet is carpeted. “In a building of that size, the gallons of water saved won’t be the big measurable difference,” the manager said, “but less water helps add to the five-year-old carpet’s longevity, which helps me meet my goal.”

The drier cleaning process also expands the machine’s uses, points out cleaning expert Steve Spencer, facilities specialist at State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, Ill. Spencer bids out cleaning contracts to maintain 30 million square feet of space for State Farm. “CFR can be used on fabric-covered, Steelcase® panels because the drier cleaning process doesn’t hurt the cardboard or pressboard backing behind the fabric,” Spencer says. “Also, it can be used on chair upholstery because it doesn’t get the foam cushion wet during cleaning. Bacteria can’t grow.”

Because of the drier extraction process, CFR machines can improve indoor air quality as well. Less moisture means less mold, bacteria and allergens develop in carpets and fabrics, resulting in fewer complications for building occupants.

At this busy hotel, the manager says that now that he has the CFR Cascade 20, the biggest problem with cleaning the rooms is “finding a time when they’re empty.” But the new machine even helps with that. CFR machines operate at a lower decibel level than others, which is especially pleasing to facilities that are busy 24/7.