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CFR Rescues This Cleaning Crew
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Pacific Ocean Aquarium

After purchasing a CFR Cascade 20 and two CFR Downdraft™ Fans, the staff can clean 10,000 sq. ft. within the 2 hour timeframe allowed and then open for the day.

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A Strategy for Extreme Humidity and Two Million Annual Guest

This world-class aquarium is located on the Pacific Ocean in California, on the former site of a fish cannery. The location gives the aquarium ready access to fresh ocean water from the Bay, which is continuously pumped through pipes into the exhibit tanks. There are over 100 different exhibits, including a renowned exhibit for viewing California costal marine life, as well another exhibit that has a 1.2 million gallon tank, featuring one of the largest single‐paned windows in the world. Visitors to the aquarium can view over 600 separate species that are on display, with many of the larger exhibits able to be viewed from above, or from below the water line through windows.

All of the exhibit areas that are below the waterline are carpeted for sound deadening, as well as safety purposes. There is a food court on site that doesn’t restrict food or drink from the general exhibit areas, and with 1.8 million visitors a year to the aquarium, which includes lots of baby strollers and children, maintaining the carpet is quite a challenge. Adding to the challenge, the larger exhibit tanks don’t have seating in the hallways below the waterline and visitors often sit on the carpet while viewing shows, making the staff even more concerned about the cleanliness of the carpet. On top of that, the aquarium markets their “elegant seating” hosting catered, high‐end, evening corporate events, weddings, and receptions, that can accommodate from 30 to 3,000 guests, with an associated expectation of appropriate cleanliness. If all of that isn’t a big enough carpet cleaning challenge, the humid conditions of the aquarium makes drying time a real concern.

Bottom line, it doesn’t get much worse than this and most commercial or retail facilities don’t come close to the challenges faced by the aquarium keeping their carpet clean! As Paul Beers says, “CFR to the rescue!” The maintenance staff has just two (2) hours from the time they start their shift to the time the facility opens each day. Purchasing a CFR Cascade 20 and two Downdraft Fans, they can clean 10,000 sq. ft. (about 1/3 of the carpeted display areas) within the 2 hour timeframe allowed, which includes extracting, positioning the two downdrafts, drying the carpet (experiencing approximately 30 minute dry times), and then opening for the day.

Before CFR this Facility was Running Out of Options

The areas in front of the main exhibits and the adjoining food court are deep cleaned at minimum of one time each week. Whenever there is a catered evening event, they clean the entire area where the party was held the following morning. In addition, high traffic, well lit, hallways are cleaned almost daily using the Cascade 20’s interim mode (low pressure/faster speed). Other areas throughout the aquarium that have less traffic are generally cleaned once every two weeks.

Prior to purchasing the CFR Cascade 20, the aquarium struggled to keep up, unable to effectively use standard extractors due to longer drying times and productivity challenges. Of course, interim carpet cleaning methods, such as bonnet or encapsulation would not address the food and soils ground into the carpet, nor provide them a healthy surface, which they were concerned about knowing they had children and adults sitting on the carpet for shows. Likewise, other methods sold by competitors as systems that would allow the rapid reopening of areas, which effectively only surface clean the carpet, also failed to meet the needs and challenges the aquarium faced.

The Cascade 20: Faster, Cleaner, Greener

The CFR Cascade 20 provides the Aquarium with the ability to clean large areas without wasting time emptying and refilling tanks, gives them quick drying times, the knowledge that they’re protecting the investment they have in carpet, while also helping ensure a safe and clean environment for visitors. Dedicated to preserving the environment, educating the public on the eco-system, and protecting the world’s water resources, they were also thrilled that they were able to “green” another aspect of their operation through their purchase of CFR. Using the CFR system since late March 2010, they were so pleased with the performance and results that they purchased a second unit as part of their 2011 budget!